A Mystic's Way

Home of The 2020 Galactic Healing Summit 

It is My Joy to be of Service, doing this work of Healing at this most Exciting Time of Evolutionary Shifts in Consciousness and Radical Change on Our beloved Planet. We all have been experiencing great changes as Universal Consciousness is raised and seeming illusionary patterns fall away as we make way for Greater Healing of Humanity.

Shari Lynn's Extended Bio & Course of Study

Shari Lynn's Course of Study began seriously at an early age of 17.

Shari was just 23 when she committed to a 3 year apprenticeship with Rev. Richard Forfia to be Ordained through the International General Assembly of Spiritualists at the Age of 26.

In 2004 through 2014 Shari owned and operated The Silver Branch a New Age Metaphysical Store and Esoteric Learning Center bringing enlightenment and inspiration to many within her community and giving her an opportunity to travel and attend many Conferences across the United States and to then met well-known authors she had began her spiritual journey reading as early as 1986; Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Joan Borsenyko, Deepak Chopra, Dannion Brinkley, Neal Donald Walsh, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gregg Braden, Donna Eden and many more.

Recognizing a real passion to understanding where humanity is heading, Shari opened study of the Galactic Alignment of 2012 and the Mayan Prophesies, spurred by the fear of Y2K in 1998, her dedication and thirst for knowledge took her into many deep mysteries over the years and has since made her an incredibly entertaining source of information pertaining to these Shifts in Consciousness Humanity is experiencing at this time. Having many Questions and wanting to dig deeper Shari was led to the meeting of Mayan Elder Don Alejandro at the Return of the Ancestors Gathering where many Elders and Grandmothers from around the World gathered in areas across Arizona in 2009, a life altering experience which thus began to weave a beautiful tapestry of eclectic material giving a foundation to her quest for knowledge.

In August of 2005 Shari attended an 8 day intensive at the OMEGA Institute in Rhinebeck, NY "Shapeshifting to Higher States of Consciousness" with Llyn Roberts & John Perkins where she received her Certification in Shamanic Shapeshifting. Very Powerful work in recognizing energy patterns of plants, animals, all of nature as well as journeying into the past, present and future reinforcing a deeper connection to Spirit Guides and the Higher-Self. This work is now very important in 2015 and is the work Shari chooses to take forward as Service to Healing Humanity & Mother Earth.

She began study of The Pleiadian Agenda & The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions in early 2000 with Barbara Hand Clow and has conducted Activation's of the Nine Dimensions for large groups of people and has presented many lectures on the topic throughout today. This learning is carried through and serves an over-all foundation in perceiving, moving and conducting energy work in all Shari is presently doing, Especially in attuning the Advanced Technology of the Cosmic Healing Discs she makes and offers to mankind. The Discs are an essential heart-centered extension of her path, being incarnated at this time for the purpose of uplifting and healing humanity.

Her Journey has brought her to many great experiences along the way Visiting the Island of Kona in Beautiful Hawaii with Daniel Giamario & Caitlin Castel of The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School for a Cosmology Intensive in 2010. Taking her deeper into Archetypal patterns, Goddess Alchemy while taking home the Wisdom of Grandmother Ocean and the Wise Goddess Pele .

Having a lot to say, Shari Lynn even hosted her very own Radio Program on 7th Wave Network "Ecstaticism: Embracing the Journey to Awakening" on Voice America for a year in 2012.

Shari being a Mystic offers many insights into the complicated and ever-changing world around us, offering tools to maneuver through life with greater ease, Joy and Peace. Guaranteeing one an exciting and interesting High-Spirited take on Living, Shari brings an allegory for living only her progressive thinking and interests in the deepest of mysteries can bring.

All with a Deep Love for Krishna and Christ Consciousness.


Shari Lynn's Extensive knowledge is not limited to but includes;

A Course in Miracles, Gnosticism, UFO's, ET's, Advanced Healing Technologies, Usui & Karuna Reiki, Self-Healing,Tarot, Astrology, Worlds Religions, Goddess Alchemy, Wicca and Paganism Spirituality, Ascension, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Meditation & Prayer, Use of Affirmations and an Extensive and Broad Awareness in Metaphysics of Stones & Minerals and Sacred Geometry. 

Why Shari?

Shari Lynn having studied with Many Masters from an early age has been a dedicated Mother, lifelong Spiritual Teacher, Futurist, Ordained Christian Spiritualist Minister for over 20 years, Healer, Certified Shamanic Shapeshifter, An Activator of Higher Dimensions, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clair-sentient, Metaphysician and Peace Loving Crystal Goddess.